Our expertise

Since 2002, Qualiocean has been marketing seafood products from local and artisanal fishing . We produce a large variety of products in close collaboration with our customers. Our team help you to reach your objectives by offering you turnkey and / or prepackaged solutions.
We can deliver to our customers worldwide.

What we offer

Qualiocean offers a large range of seafood products rich in species diversity. Variety of fish : Sole, Rouget, Brotule, Ombrine, Saint-Pierre, Turbot. Range of crustaceans and cephalopods: Shrimp, Octopus or Cuttlefish. Our specialist team is at your service and at your disposal to answer all your specific requests.
Also, we can offer you different possibilities of cuts: Whole fish emptied, whole lets, natural cuts of lets but also portions.


We offer several possibilities of packaging according to the needs of our customers and markets. Our team proposes you formats: IQF (Individual Quick Frozen), IWP (Individual Wrapped Pack), Blocks ….