Qualiocean promote local and artisanal fishery respectful of the environment.

We have an internal service that guarantees the quality and safety of our products and strict compliance with the specifications of our customers.

Our quality department regularly controls our products and ensures daily food safety and good respect of the cold chain.


Located in Dakar-Senegal, on fishing grounds, QUALIOCEAN is a processing and marketing frozen and fresh seafood products company. Those products are recognized worldwide as premium products.

Our production is for the three main points of food distribution :

– Raw or elaborate products processing industry
– Commercial and social catering.
– End consumer through large and medium sized companies (super and hypermarkets).

Over the years, Qualiocean has implemented a strict Quality Policy to guarantee:
– healthy, fair and safe from the point of view of food safety on the market and for our customer,
– environment respect and care, protection of fishery resources,
– Customers and staff satisfaction.

To achieve these objectives, the management and its employees are committed to several points, the most important of which are:

Our management commits to this point by taking into account the needs and expectations of customers and promote long term and solid quality culture and partnership.

La direction doit faire en sorte que le Personnel connaisse et applique tous les textes et règlements en vigueur dans notre domaine par une politique interne et externe de communication, de surveillance efficace, d’apprentissage et par un soutien des acteurs et de leurs représentants dans leur recherche d’amélioration et de cohésion.

The quality service will implement the necessary steps (HACCP) to achieve IFS FOODS certifications requirement by 2020, in order to offer products that meet the standards and expectations of the international customers.

Our Quality policy is focused on every steps of our different supply chains in order to ensure:

– Respect of the environment by following fishing quotas and breeding periods ( local and international regulations )
– Sustainable Development (Keep up to the minimum sizes and weight of the fish at purchase – ban endangered and protected species, respect the standards of the nets, etc.)

Our quality policy will strictly follows regulations relative to the employee (safety – Labor Code …)
To achieve this point, we plan to reinforce our process, by including social audit according to the BSCI reference.
It is the INVOLVEMENT and the MOTIVATION OF ALL that will allow us to reach the expected results and fixed objectives:
– Preserve the trust of our customers, our employees and build a long term relathionship
– Guarantee the reliability and the safety of products or services
– Anticipate risks, seize opportunities and improve the system continuously
– And finally continue the development of the company to affirm its durability.

Our company believe and rely on all his employees so that together with respect for professional and human values ​​we continue our path to progress and success.

We are considerate to everyone for their contribution to our project.